Open Source North

Open Source North


June 5, 2024 | Saint Paul, MN


Since 2015, OSN has been bringing the open source, enterprise community together to learn, share, and connect™. We are planning for up to 1,200 attendees in 2024! Early Bird registration opens March 25.



Speakers #osn2024!

    • Amy Cullen, Creed Interactive: The subconscious mind: Create powerful connections between users and digital products

    • Ashley Berry, Monkeyjump Labs: Cultivating Compassion: A New Approach to Tech Team Dynamics

    • Ashok Palaniswamy & Raj Gogenini, Cargill:    Bridging the gap – ITSM & Software Engineering (Modern tech, built with “Human” in mind…)

    • Ayisha Tabbassum, Onestopforcloud: Google’s Gemini AI – Power of Extraordinary

    • Benjamin Spain, Thrivent: Adapting your Developer Skillset today to an AI-driven engineering industry tomorrow

    • Bill Zhang, Cloudera: Solving Big Data Challenges with Apache Iceberg

    • Casie Siekman, Coforma: How to Structure and Conduct Developer Interviews to Minimize Bias

    • Chad Juettner & Paul DeLaria, SDG / AWS: Intro to Amazon Bedrock: Build a Data Foundation to Fuel Generative AI

    • Christopher Gerber, Keyva, Inc.: Reduce Operational Toil using Event-driven AWX

    • Cooper Melgreen, HashiCorp: Test-driven Infrastructure Development

    • Éamon Ryan & Maggie Krummel, Grafana Labs: From Screams to Dreams – An end-to-end observability journey for you and your applications!

    • Erika Von Kampen, Best Buy: A Holistic View of GitHub Copilot Security

    • Greg Case, Target: Innovating Laziness

    • Jason Bock, Rocket Mortgage: Building Fabulous NuGet Packages

    • Jeannie Warner, CISSP, Exabeam: The Future of AI in Security

    • Jeff Kaiserman, Slalom: Penetration Testing Tools – The More You Know

    • Jenna Pederson, AWS: Generative AI Alone Won’t Make You a Software Engineer

    • Jesse Hall, MongoDB: Optimizing AI: Practical RAG Optimization Techniques

    • Jessica Garson, Elastic: Analyzing Basketball using Python, Elasticsearch, and Kibana

    • Joel Tosi, Dojo and Co: Blending Product Thinking with Architecture

    • John Russ, Chewy: Change Your Purr-spective on Testing Part 2: Database Testing

    • John Stupka, Microsoft: Reliability concepts every engineer should know

    • Justin Grammens, Recursive Awesome: Empowering Engineering Teams with Large Language Models: From Ideation to Implementation

    • Kassie Gibbons, RBA: How Inclusive Design Can Benefit Your Business and Create Better Experiences for All

    • Keith Resar, Confluent: Mastering Kafka Connect: Simple Beginnings to Advanced Integration Tactics

    • Kyle Marek-Spartz & Soumya D. Morse-Sanyalt: Who pays for Observability?

    • Luke A Schlangen, Google: Deploy All the JavaScript Frameworks

    • Lynn Wehrman, Digital Accessibility by WeCo: Building Digital Inclusion Without Dedicated Resources

    • Matt Schroeder, Improving: Raising Code and Kids – Parallel Lessons in Engineering and Parenthood

    • Matt Vaughn, Build Motion: Angular Architecture: Enterprise Principles, Patterns and Practices

    • Matthew Schroer, Xcel Energy: Xcel Energy Smart Meters and You

    • Meagan Taylor, Riot Games: Level Up or Glitch Out: Design Goals vs Outcomes in Gaming

    • Mike Benkovich, BenkoTIPS Consulting Services: Journey to a Well Governed Cloud

    • Nick Krantz, Livefront: Scaling a Codebase Beyond the Initial Build

    • Nikhil Barthwal, Self employed: Knative: A Kubernetes framework to manage serverless workloads

    • Norbert Kuchenmeister, Camunda: Scalable and Resilient Orchestration: Process Automation as an Architectural Design Choice

    • Ruchi Batra & Levi Geinert, U.S. Bank: Improving Developer Experience with a Developer Platform at U.S. Bank

    • Rich Hagarty, IBM: Making Java work in a cloud-native world

    • Rylie Johnson, Plural: The Hellscape that is Scraping Legislative Data as an Open Source Project

    • Senthil Kumaran, Virtuwell by Healthpartners: Revolutionizing Healthcare with Hybrid Care, AI and Hybrid Workforce

    • Sri Harsha Gajavalli, Arizona State University: Building Trustworthy Tech: Balancing Innovation with Privacy in the AI Age

    • Tarun Bhatia, Medtronic: Leading Across Business Boundaries

    • Todd Larson, Human Powered Health: From Idea to Acquisition: Insight and Lessons From My Tech Startup Journey

    • Tom Wheeler, Temporal Technologies: Scalable, Available, and Reliable: Pick Any Three

    • Travis Gosselin, SPS Commerce: API Design First: Succeeding with API Governance

    • Zach Hughes, CHS: Leadership Lessons from Office Space

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    #osn2023 was SOLD OUT with more then 1,100 attendees, 48 presentations, and 52 sponsors!

    Mark your calendars! The 2024 Open Source North Conference™ will be on Wednesday, June 5.

    OSN Community

    Since the beginning, it has always been about bringing sponsors, speakers, and attendees together to learn, share, and connect.

    Over the years, nearly 8,000 people have been a part of the OSN community through our conferences, speaker series events, and kick-off happy hours.

      University of St. Thomas

      The 2024 Open Source North Conference is back at the University of St. Thomas on Wednesday, June 5, 2024.

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      OSN strives to create an experience that sponsors want to be a part of year after year. We are committed to earning your trust and providing value.

      #osn2024 will offer 52 total sponsorship opportunities with 4 levels to choose from.

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      #osn2024 is looking for speakers! We are open to all sorts of open source, enterprise application presentation topics.

      Development languages and tools, Cloud, AI, DevOps, Security, Design, Usability, Delivery, Testing, Open Source Projects, and anything else you think the OSN Community may be interested in.

      Speaker selection will be done in two rounds. The deadlines for submittal for the two rounds are January 26, 2024, and February 16, 2024. To be considered in both rounds, please submit by January 26.

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