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“Agile” estimation – Is it possible to be good at estimating large projects?
Repeated estimation can be one of the most unpleasant tasks for any project — and getting it wrong hurts (especially if you get stuck as a target in the project’s “search for the guilty” and “punishing of the innocent” phases!)
What if there were an easy(-ier) estimation method, a method that doesn’t take too much time, has a built-in feedback loop for increasing it’s accuracy, and can smoothly evolve as your tech stacks and processes evolve?
We’ll talk through an approach that works by describing goals at two levels of detail.  One level meaningful to the business sponsor; a second meaningful to the engineering team.  If we can pull this off, not only will estimates be accurately believable…. everyone will be a little bit happier.
P.S. This is NOT theoretical; the models and methods come directly from practical experience.
Andy Miller

Principal Software Engineer