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API Design First: Succeeding with API Governance

Modern HTTP APIs run the contemporary tech world. As a result, every organization is now required to produce and consume APIs in some way. The need for your organization to productively design, build, deploy and operate RESTful APIs is higher than it has ever been for you to stay competitive. Developing the processes and tools to design and deliver hundreds of APIs within your organization is fraught with manual checkpoints and inconsistencies. This friction makes standard API Governance slow, uncollaborative, and non-iterative. To succeed in building modern APIs in the enterprise, you will need both an effective and productive API Governance strategy to support your API Design First processes.

In this talk, we will dive into the principal areas of the API Design lifecycle as we discuss how to succeed with API Governance using non-traditional approaches including collaboration, stewardship, and automation. Real-world examples from SPS Commerce, off-the-shelf tooling, and custom solutions will drive our journey through API Standards, Design, Development, and Publishing to demonstrate highly productive API Design First capabilities to rally your teams around.

Travis Gosselin

Distinguished Software Engineer

SPS Commerce