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Building Digital Inclusion Without Dedicated Resources

Being digitally accessible to the public, customers and employees is so much more than a legal requirement. It’s a necessary part of being an inclusive business and organization.

It’s easy to assume that only orgs with deep pockets have the power to overhaul inaccessible websites and revamp software programs for users who live with disabilities. However, in most cases, this work requires more of a “scrappy” than a pre-planned budget approach.

In this session the floor will be open for you to learn and ask questions about how enterprise organizations, such as General Mills, are creating digital inclusion with innovative resources. Some key points we’ll cover include:

1. How to build accessibility awareness and knowledge across departments.
2. Getting leadership involved.
3. Building accessibility roles into existing positions.

Lynn Wehrman

President and CEO

Digital Accessibility by WeCo

Lisa Yang

Digital Accessibility Coordinator

Hennepin County

Ryan Huffman

Manager of Digital Design, Development, and Accessibility

General Mills