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From Idea to Acquisition: Insight and Lessons From My Tech Startup Journey

Join Todd as he takes you on a candid exploration of his decade long entrepreneurial journey as co-founder of TeamGenius, a Minnesota-based tech startup specializing in youth sports and athlete evaluations. In this presentation, Todd will share the highs and lows, hard lessons learned, and nuggets of wisdom that any aspiring tech founder should know.

From the co-founding of TeamGenius to its successful acquisition by Human Powered Health in 2022, Todd will reflect his up and down journey, and relay in practical terms what anyone who is currently working on or thinking about a tech startup should know. Expect practical wisdom on every phase of the process, including developing an idea, initial traction, raising money, building a team, and navigating an acquisition. Basically, it’s all the stuff that Todd wishes he had known before he started.

Todd Larson

Chief Technology Officer

Human Powered Health