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From Screams to Dreams – An end-to-end observability journey for you and your applications!

Are you still running apps by the seat of your pants with no insights into how they’re really doing?

Or perhaps you’ve got some insights, but they’re incomplete, too expensive, too narrow, too wide or too hard to correlate against actual application behavior or problems?

Then join us as we guide you live through the journey of taking an application with no insights at all, then progressively adding the various observability pillars to it:

Metrics: Prometheus format metrics, stored in Grafana Mimir.
Logs: Tailed, captured and stored in Grafana Loki.
Traces: Instrumented and stored in Grafana Tempo.
Profiles: Collected and stored in Grafana Pyroscope.

Lastly, we will show how you can use Grafana itself to correlate all these sources of data together so you can maintain context, diagnose problems faster and ultimately sleep better knowing your applications are truly running well.

Every piece of technology shown is 100% Open Source, free to use and as an added bonus – the demo environment used will be made available to every attendee so they can try it out for themselves afterwards at their leisure!

Éamon Ryan

Senior Principal Field Engineer

Grafana Labs

Maggie Krummel

Senior Field Engineer

Grafana Labs