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Raising Code and Kids – Parallel Lessons in Engineering and Parenthood

In the dynamic and demanding world of software engineering, we frequently overlook the hidden lessons and skills honed outside of the office – particularly, those gained from parenting. I’ve discovered that the chaos and daily challenges of parenting are remarkably similar to those of software development. From dealing with unpredictable behavior to learning the art of patience, simplification, and iterative improvement, the parenthood journey mirrors the lifecycle of software development in many ways.

“Raising Code and Kids – Parallel Lessons in Engineering and Parenthood” aims to encourage professionals who, like me, carry parental and professional responsibilities. By embracing these everyday experiences, attendees will see how they’re not only becoming better parents but also more empathetic and versatile software engineers, equipped to handle the rapid changes and challenges in our field.

Matt Schroeder

Director of Technology, Real-Time Data