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Reduce Operational Toil using Event-driven AWX

Toil was coined by Google in its SRE book as service operations work that is manual, repetitive, automate-able, interrupts other work, and though necessary, doesn’t result in a permanent improvement to the system or service. Work like running a script to fix a load balancer or logging in to update resource limits on a service are toil; tasks that don’t require a person to solve problems creatively and can be performed automatically by machines. EDA, Event-Driven Ansible, is an automation service deployed along with AWX to listen and react to events from event streams, webhooks, and more, and initiate tasks in response, like executing Ansible Playbooks. This presentation will walk through the basics of AWX and Event-Driven Ansible, and demonstrate how to automate service and system operations with AWX using event streams.

Christopher Gerber

Solution Architect

Keyva, Inc.