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Scalable, Available, and Reliable: Pick Any Three

As developers, we strive for scalability, availability, and reliability in our applications. Conventional wisdom suggests that we must make tradeoffs, because we can achieve only two of them at most. If we favor scalability and availability, for example, we might redesign a monolithic application as a cloud native application distributed across multiple regions. This sacrifices reliability because it increases opportunities for network infrastructure and service dependency failures.

During this talk, you’ll learn about the concept of durable execution. You will also learn about an open source durable execution platform called Temporal. Through the use of event sourcing and isolation of non-deterministic code, the platform can recover and resume executions interrupted by both software and hardware failures, which in turn allows developers to code as if they never even happened. As a result, you no longer have to choose between scalability, availability, and reliability—you can have all three.

Tom Wheeler

Principal Curriculum Developer

Temporal Technologies