Open Source North

Clea Ostendorf

There are two types of people, those who follow the instructions while cooking, and those who read the ingredients and then go off feeling. Clea is of the latter, which has served her well as she’s navigated various roles in technology and security from sales, to program management and most recently as Field CISO for Code42. Security is one part tech, but also needs to have compassion and partnership in order for any technology to be successful. Just as in cooking, Clea begins with the end in mind and brings a people and business focus to each engagement she is part of.

Clea Ostendorf, CISSP, has been in the IT space for the last 12 years holding roles from IT recruiting to product manager. Her business focused experience influences her approach to solving security challenges where she looks to impact change though win:win scenarios. Clea helps organizations develop insider risk programs through workshops, technical deployment and strategic dialogs.