Open Source North

John Stupka

Principal Software Engineer

I’m a Software Engineer, a graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire, I build optimized, efficient, and scalable technology solutions. While in school I worked with the technology services at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire, designing and maintaining web applications for departments across the university. I graduated in 2015 with a Computer Science Comprehensive degree and moved to the Minneapolis/St. Paul area to work with Target in their technology leadership program. In 2017 I moved to Seattle to work for Starbuck Coffee Company, where I focused on their infrastructure services. In 2019 I started working for Microsoft in their Site Reliability Org specifically working with Kubernetes. Then in 2022 I moved from the Site Reliabiltiy Team to the Product Team focusing on Azure Kubernetes Service.

Currently I’m very interested in machine learning algorithms, Golang, cloud native technologies, electrical engineering, advanced mathematics, and of course reliability.