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Matt Vaughn

Frontend Solutions Architect
Build Motion, Patterson Companies

Matt Vaughn: Angular Architect Extraordinaire and Software Engineering Visionary

Since 1998, Matt Vaughn has been at the forefront of web application development, evolving from VBScript/ASP to mastering Angular, currently at its 17th iteration. His profound focus on Angular encompasses a spectrum of expertise: from developing applications, custom libraries, tools, to optimizing the development environment with a strong emphasis on implementing enterprise patterns and practices at the front end.

As an esteemed author, Matt’s “Angular Architecture Patterns” book stands as a testament to his deep understanding and innovative approach to Angular’s architecture. His work in this domain is not just theoretical but also practical, as evidenced by his involvement in building code generation and scaffolding tools for .NET applications, Web APIs, and MicroFrontends.

Contributing significantly to the open-source community, Matt has pioneered projects like angular-rules-engine and angular-actions, showcasing his dedication to advancing Angular development practices.

Matt’s thought leadership extends beyond coding. He’s a prominent voice in the Angular community, discussing key topics like leadership in tech, technical debt, professional development, and more on platforms like Twitter under the handle @AngularArch. His insights reflect a deep understanding of both the technical and human elements of software development.

His expertise is further recognized in various speaking engagements and workshops, where he delves into advanced Angular topics. Matthas led sessions on applying enterprise and application architecture principles using Angular and TypeScript, emphasizing testability, extensibility, maintainability, and performance. He has shared his knowledge on defining boundaries between Angular front end and back end, implementing base classes for Angular services and components, and much more, as detailed in various sessions listed at The Progressive Web Experience and Sessionize.

Beyond the keyboard, Matt is a Colorado native who enjoys the tranquility of fly fishing and the rhythms of playing the tenor sax in his band. This blend of technical acumen and personal passions makes Matt Vaughn a distinctive and inspiring figure in the software engineering landscape.