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Bridging the gap- ITSM & Software Engineering (Modern tech, built with “Human” in mind)

Putting “Customer” in the center becomes a top priority for product engineering teams, these days. One key element to that mindset is product “support” & quick turnaround time is crucial to keep customers happy. While modern engineering practices excel in agility to deliver working software, the frameworks don’t focus directly on attending to customers’ needs.

ITSM as a framework helps being effective, but to be successful in product support, Engineering and ITSM should co-exist to elevate customers’ needs. However, there are challenges for them to co-exist because of their siloed mindset, practices, toolchains, and communication methods, which leaves a gap to fill. ITSM & Engineering need to be in sync!


In this session we will share our agile approach towards technology and automation, which has helped create connections and bridge the gap between Engineering and ITSM in our organization to ultimately benefit our customers

Ashok Palaniswamy

Sr. Product Development Lead


Rajesh Gogineni

Product Delivery Manager