Open Source North

Ashok Palaniswamy

Sr. Product Development Lead

Ashok Palaniswamy is a 25+ year veteran in the Software Development industry with his experience from Mainframes to Microservices. He is working in Cargill for the last 13+ years in multiple engineering roles. He is currently the Sr. Product Engineering Lead for the North America Application Delivery Services and is leading app modernizations for a few of Cargill’s legacy crown jewel applications, transforming them using cloud native approach. Ashok is a continuous learner and is very passionate about leading, building and delivering applications with quality and security. He leads and evangelizes the engineering community in Cargill on software engineering and DevOps practices, and how it helps us being agile to deliver working software more frequently.

Outside of work, Ashok likes hiking, wood working, painting, and DIY around his house. As a Minnesotan for about 23 years, Ashok lives in Plymouth with his wife, two daughters and his golden doodle.