Open Source North

Levi Geinert

SVP, Head of Engineering Advocacy and Innovation
U.S. Bank

Levi is currently SVP, and Head of Engineering Advocacy and Innovation at U.S. Bank, where he is responsible for supporting innovation and software engineering practices and patterns to better support our agile working model. He advocates for developers, empowers engineers, and strives to create an environment of psychological safety to create an engineering culture. Prior to the Bank he was a Director of Engineering in the Target Dojo, after transitioning from Principal Engineer and helped to operate the Target Dojo which has helped drive Agile, DevOps, and Product adoption through experiential learning.

Previously, Levi has spoken at Agile Enterprise Exchange, DevOps Enterprise Summit 2018, 2019, 2022, and 2023, ChefConf 2016, #That Conference, multiple smaller venues and internal conferences.