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Improving Developer Experience with a Developer Platform at U.S. Bank

Exploring how U.S. Bank is building a developer platform to improve developer experience while also impacting the way they develop and operate their products.

In this talk, we will share details about the U.S. Bank Shield Platform which is a unified application development platform that automates infrastructure services to enable rapid, reliable, repeatable and secure app development and provisioning.  With a focus developer productivity, experience, we will share our KPIs/OKRs, metrics, wins, along with the tools they use to achieve these. We will discuss how we have built a custom Developer Platform leveraging to improve developer experience, reduce cognitive load, and create a streamlined engineering experience.  A large focus has been avoiding reinventing the wheel, and allowing engineers to focus on their product and its ability to deliver business value.

Inspired by resources like “The Role of a Platform: Enabling Full-Stack Software Engineers to Their Fullest Potential”, “The Developer Platform: Run Your Platform like a Business within a Business” by IT Revolution, among other resources, we are building and operating our internal developer platform like a business within a business.

Ruchi Batra

SVP, Software Engineering

U.S. Bank

Levi Geinert

SVP, Head of Engineering Advocacy and Innovation

U.S. Bank